The Difference Between

My little book, The Difference Between, just went into its second printing!  I sold 500 copies of it in less than a year, which is pretty exciting.  Thank you to everyone out there who bought a copy, and thank you to everyone who helped me get that book published!IMG_4092

Proof I Exist #28

A new issue of my personal zine.  I wrote this whole thing in 2 days, but only recently had it printed.  Typed on a typewriter, printed on a risograph.  Very personal issue, about drugs, addiction, and my brother.  Only $2. (3)

Snail Mail Adventures


I will be starting a new monthly newsletter, called “East Coast Adventures.”  First issue will be mailed out at the end of January.  Cost is on a sliding scale, $6-$12, for a one-year subscription.  Get in touch for more info.